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Both of my children have benefited greatly from attending your classes. Aside from the fitness and physical precision, they have more self-confidence. I really like that they can set their own goals and achieve them and the mentorship and example set by the teachers and other students is outstanding.

Naomi Perry

The discipline and the way Renshi incorporates the games which still allows it to be fun as well as his humour with the kids makes them listen. Renshi’s communication to the kids as to why they do certain things is outstanding.

Amanda Rosolen

Nic’s focus has improved-its helped him at school. His confidence has grown and he has made some lovely friendships through doing Karate at One. The level of care at this Dojo is wonderful. Nic loves coming here. I like that you are teaching the kids to respect themselves and others.

Megan Yates

It has helped Michael become more focussed and dedicated to an activity. Taught with children specific skills while allowing them to have fun at the same time. The program is disciplined yet not too strict where students maintain fitness, learn new skills and achieve a level of confidence and accomplishment.

Sacha Trulove

The structure and activities have given Akira confidence in herself, strength and endurance with tasks both physically and mentally

Catherine Goucher

Liam has become more disciplined, confident and focussed at school. He has developed a demeanour that has resulted in fewer incident of him being bullied. He plans to be a black belt.

Sandra Baxter

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