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Our Team

Renshi Chris

Renshi Chris Luafalealo

Renshi Chris is co-owner, Personal Trainer and head instructor at One. He holds his 5th Dan black belt and has trained in Martial Arts for over 30 years in both Australia and New Zealand. Renshi Chris is an accomplished Martial Artist in 3 different disciplines, Kyokushin Karate, Shotokan Karate and Kyusho. He has a passion for fitness and holds a certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness.

Renshi Chris has a unique style of teaching whereby he captures the lessons and essence of the traditional martial arts and demonstrates these in a modern and practical application. Renshi has the innate ability to identify an individual’s strengths and create a motivating environment that empowers them to realize their true potential, hence his coaching of a number of current National champions in a variety of ages and divisions.

Renshi is a certified Rock and Water Instructor, is a registered Active After School Care Provider, has Working with Children clearance and senior First Aid certification. Renshi Chris constantly studies ancient and modern methods of Martial Arts to ensure a never ending stream of knowledge and awareness is shared.

Renshi Chris is loved by all his students and truly demonstrates peace through strength.

Sensei Jack

Sensei Jack

Sensei Jack is an awesome 2nd Dan instructor with loads of ideas to make the classes interesting and varied. Sensei Jack also holds his Certificate 4 in fitness and runs the highly successful early morning over 50s fitness sessions. Sensei Jack has years of training and instruction experience and specialises in the Legends and Leaders group and co-ordinates our weapons program.

Sensei Ally

Sensei Ally

Sensei Ally is a 2nd Dan Black Belt and co-owner of One Martial Arts. Sensei has a particular interest in child protection and women’s self defence and loves teaching our Lil’ Dragons and Angels. Sensei Ally brings fun to her high energy classes and has the ability to challenge her students to bring their “A game” each time they join us on the mats.

Sensei Zac

Sensei Zac

Sensei Zach is a dynamic Martial Artist and teacher. His high energy classes are a hit with all ages. A national Champion in both Kata and Sparring, Sensei Zach loves to share his knowledge and is constantly learning and trying new things.

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