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About One Martial Arts

One Martial arts was established in 2006 and now offers training in two centres at Terrigal and Niagara Park.
As full time Karate Dojos, the centres operate 6 days a week catering for ages four to Adult, from the beginning Martial Artist to the experienced trainer.

Children, teens and Adult age groups are taught separately to ensure the unique developmental and social needs of all students are met.

One is a quality-focused Karate and Fitness training centre for those inspiring to be leaders in their life. Leaders in family, school work and play. The centre is a haven for those seeking guidance, physical fitness and self-awareness through their participation in learning a martial art. You will be suprised by how your training flows into and impacts positively on many other aspects of your life.

One is capably led by head instructor and owner Renshi Chris Luafalealo who is not only an experienced black belt martial artist but who also has a passion for fitness and personal growth. Renshi Chris heads a wonderful and well trained team of Instructors and Assistant Instructors who participate in ongoing leadership and instructor training to ensure consistency and quality of teaching.

Due to the many stereotypes of martial arts it can sometimes take a bit of courage to step into a Dojo and make an enquiry! We assure you…come into and you will be welcomed by all students and teachers and be overwhelmed by the transformations that occur in your life.
Come on, you have nothing to lose.

Terrigal Dojo - Renshi Chris, Sempai Zac

Peace    Love    Truth    Non-Violence    Right-Conduct